Medical Discount Cards are a revolutionary approach to reducing health care costs.  Individuals and their families can save money on the cost of health related services, most of which are not included under a typical health care program.

Medican X Discount Card offers the most extensive consumer-driven healthcare savings programs to for individuals, families, groups, employers by providing significant discounts on healthcare products and services like doctor visits, dental work, prescription, laboratory services and more!

Medican X healthcare discount plan provides significant discounts at selected healthcare providers countrywide. Card holders can participate in multiple health care discount programs and networks to reduce out of pocket expenses and provide a complete and affordable benefit package.

As a member of Medican X Discount Plan, you can save up to 30% at participating healthcare providers including hospitals, clinics, pharmacies,diagnostic centres etc.

The discount plan is simple to use. The member simply shows the membership card and prescription at a participating pharmacy to receive the discounted rate.

A Medical Discount Card provides individuals discounted fee-for-service and is not insurance.




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