Running a business in the healthcare industry can be daunting — challenges vary from maintaining certifications and compliance to overseeing a qualified staff that ensures a high level of care.

Medican Services has developed healthcare payroll solutions specifically designed for the healthcare industry to help Healthcare organizations more efficiently manage many of those tasks.

Medican Services Limited innovative Healthcare payroll services, combined with dedicated customer service helps healthcare providers save time and money while letting them focus on caring for their patients.

By partnering with Medican Services Ltd, healthcare organizations can streamline their efficiencies, while reducing administrative tasks and costs.

Medican Payroll Services are designed to be highly customizable— providing healthcare providers with options that allow them to accurately and effectively,

  • Track complex doctors’ and nurses’ shifts and rates of pay.
  • Automate, consolidate, and streamline payroll and benefit administration processes
  • Access data 24/7.
  • Comply with statutory regulations.
  • Empower employees via our 24/7 employee self service portal.
  • Track time and attendance with automatic payroll integration and scheduling.
  • Consolidate reporting across multiple departments.
  • Keep abreast of employee licensing and certification,